About ARA Compliance

ARA Compliance will maintain and protect your property.

As a property manager or landlord, you’re responsible for the health and safety of your building’s occupants. From smoke alarms to swimming pool fences, each safety fitting in your building must meet your state’s legislative requirements. Complying with these safety standards is not only the law - it’s your moral obligation.

To ensure your building’s safety features tick the right boxes, our expert technicians offer annual inspection, testing, maintenance, and compliancy certification.

Our certificate of compliance not only assures you that your property and its occupants are safe: it protects you from fines, liability for accidents, and rejection of insurance claims.

ARA Compliance means absolute peace of mind.

ARA Compliance is a part of the ARA Group, a nationwide provider of reliable solutions for facilities and infrastructure. The ARA Group’s six complementary divisions work together to provide any product or service your building might need. Offering everything from electrical security systems to interior design, the ARA Group is a true one-stop shop for property managers.