Fire Commissioner wants most common smoke alarm banned

Smoke Alarms

The NSW Fire Commissioner has said Australia's most common smoke alarm should be banned.

Other experts have claimed the flawed alarms have failed to save thousands of lives.

In the last year more than 4000 NSW homes have caught alight.

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Toddler died after getting caught in window blind cord

Window Compliance

A two-year-old died after she got stuck in the cord of a tangled window blind which strangled her, while she played hide and seek with her older brother.

Danielle Hudson, 28, found her daughter Sophie Allen hanging with the beaded cord around her neck in her bedroom when she went to find her, after her four-year-old son Jayden said his sister was stuck.

Despite efforts to revive her, Sophie was taken to hospital and put in an induced coma. The two year old died on Saturday, five days after her mother found her trapped in the cord.

Miss Hudson, of Sunderland, said: “My son came in and said 'Sophie's stuck' and pointed at the cupboard. I didn't understand what he meant and just thought she was hiding. "Then he came back and said it again. I walked over to the window and saw a shadow behind the curtain.

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New South Wales government considering jail sentences for negligent pool owners

Pool Compliance

A Coroner investigating the drowning death of a toddler has strongly recommended the New South Wales government change laws for people who fail to comply with fencing requirements.

The amended law would see pool owners facing a mandatory jail sentence if a child drowns in their pool due to their carelessness — similar to a negligent driving occasioning death charge.

Armidale Coroner Karen Stafford made the recommendation after ruling Sebastien Yeomans’ death could have been prevented if adequate pool fencing was constructed.

The two-year-old drowned to death in his neighbour’s unfenced pool after wandering into his yard in May 2012.


Child's fall results in window locks move

Window Compliance

Every apartment above ground level in NSW will be required to fit safety devices to prevent children falling out of windows.

Over five years all windows above the ground floor in existing residential strata schemes must be fitted with locks or safety devices which can prevent the windows from opening more than 12.5 centimetres, or the width of a baby's head, Minister for Fair Trading Anthony Roberts said.

Via The Sydney Morning Herald

Smoke alarm inquiry: Keith Golinski, who lost granddaughters and daughter-in-law in house fire, calls for mandatory photoelectric alarms

Smoke Alarms

A Queensland man whose three granddaughters and daughter-in-law died in a house fire has backed calls for photoelectric alarms to be made mandatory, saying ionisation alarms are not as effective.

A public hearing is being held in Brisbane as part of a Senate inquiry looking at how smoke alarms may prevent deaths and whether the Australian Building Code is adequate.